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BLACK Compression Therapy Gloves Half-finger Hand Wrist Support

BLACK Compression Therapy Gloves Half-finger Hand Wrist Support

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Whether you ache from arthritis, an injury, neuropathy, or poor circulation, these gloves give you all the support you need to restore better circulation and get relief from the ache.

Open fingertips allow you to grip and operate touchscreens, so you needn’t remove these gloves when you head off to work.

The gentle compression will provide a massage-like pressure as you move your hands, speeding healing and bringing instant relief.

Small - Approx 19.5cms x 8cms
Medium - Approx 20.5cm x 8.7cm
Large - Approx 21.5cm x 10cm

Features and specifications: 

Gender: All
Texture: Soft, stretchy, with light pressure
Material - Cotton and Polyester
Color: Pink/Gray/Black
Hand washable, breathable fabric
Open fingertips
Use for: Arthritic conditions, poor circulation, neuropathy, hand injuries, and more
Appropriate for both day and night wear
Hand wash and line dry

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