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Diamond Painting NQ

Diamond Painting Starters/Beginners Pack

Diamond Painting Starters/Beginners Pack

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This little kit has everything you need to get you started.

Kit includes:

*  3 Small RANDOM Diamond Painting

         1x Round Drill,

         1x Square Drill and

         1x Special Drill

*  DMC Numbered Stickers Sheet

*  150 White Blank Labels 

*  Diamond Painting Straightening Tool

*  Pkt of 20 Small Zip Lock Baggies

*  Large Sized DP Tray

*  Medium Sized DP Tray

*  DP Pink Pen

*  Set of 3 Foam Pencil Grips (Random Colours)

*  Silicone Pencil Grip (Random Colour)

*  Wax Storage Container

*  Wax

*  Tweezers



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